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UK Shopping... Delivered to You!

Seller won't ship to your country? Use Nomad Shipping!

Buy anything in the UK and Nomad will send it to you

Amazing Choice
With Nomad Shipping the whole UK market is available to you – an enormous range of products with fantastic prices. Buy from UK-based eBay and Amazon Marketplace sellers who don't ship to your country! Buy from small UK-based suppliers of unique or specialist goods. And buy from any of the major UK retailers:

amazon Currys argos Screwfix Appliances Bathstore Apple UK Ebay UK Argos Outlet Store Logo offerofthday Appliances Online

Use the pricing calculator below to calculate the cost:

Our UK Warehouse
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Once your goods have arrived in our warehouse we will contact you to let you know the volume and weight of your consignment and the most cost-effective method of sending the goods to you.

If you're ordering several items we can consolidate them together for you to reduce the shipping cost, and if you're delivering the items to us yourself and would like us to pack them for you, we can do this too for a small fee. Newly-purchased goods will usually be sufficiently packed for transport, and UK retailers will normally deliver within the UK for free or a very small cost. Just send the goods to [your name] at [our address] and the goods will come directly to us.

Larger Items to Greece
With our own trucks going to Greece regularly, we can deliver even larger items to Greece and the Greek islands. Our customers in Greece have been using Nomad to ship their UK purchases for many years. We've shipped countless TV's, washing machines and other appliances, furniture, wood burning stoves, even spa baths and flat-packed sheds! Plus thousands of smaller items of course.

Bathroom and kitchen furnishings are very popular – we've sent lots of whole bathrooms and whole kitchens to Greece for people who are building or renovating properties.

Pallet delivery to Greece is no problem either! Just let us know the weight and dimensions and we will give you a quote.

UK Purchases Delivered to the Rest of the World
Through our partnership with the world's largest parcel delivery companies, we are able to send your UK purchases to your home wherever you are in the world. We get outstanding rates so we can ensure that you will pay much less than the retail shipping price for your delivery.

Ebay / Amazon Marketplace / Etsy Sellers
If you are buying from a UK-based eBay seller, or if you are in the UK selling on eBay to a customer overseas, we can arrange the shipping for you! Just have the package/s sent to our warehouse in Peterborough (or we can even arrange collection) and we will deliver the items for you, with tracking the whole way.

International Removals
Nomad started as an international removal company and we are specialists in household moving to this day. Our Nomad Shipping service is ideal for shipping boxes, suitcases and other small items – if you know the weights and dimensions you can book this service straight away for an unbeatable price on our parcel delivery page! Or if you have furniture, antiques or other unique items to move and you would like a quote for a door-to-door removal, we would be happy to help – please see our moving page for more information and a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We get amazing rates from the largest parcel delivery companies in the world, so we can send the items to you for the best possible price. You can use the pricing calculator above to calculate the price of transport if you know the dimensions of the item/s you are ordering (including the packaging). We use the same calculator to calculate the price of shipping for you once we have the exact weights and dimensions.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: Once we have received your goods from the retailer/s we will let you know that they have arrived, and we will measure them up for you. Once you've confirmed that everything you have ordered has arrived, we will send you a link to the payment page where you can pay for your order.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the type of things I can send?

A: We can't take dangerous or prohibited items of course, please see the list here

Q: Are there any restrictions on the sizes of the packages?

A: Our partners such as UPS have rules which determine the maximum sizes and weights of the parcels that they will take:

  • Longest dimension (length or width or height) no longer than 2.70m
  • The other two dimensions each no longer than 0.76m
  • Weight no more than 70kg (the best prices are for packages lighter than 32kg)

There are some other more complicated rules regarding the dimensions but these are the basic rules. In summary, normal packing boxes of various sizes are usually fine, as are suitcases. Boxed flat screen TVs are normally fine too, and electronic items such as boxed speakers and stereos also normally fit within these dimensions. Mattresses and large items of furniture are not suitable for this service, because they don't fit within these guidelines.

For larger items, we have several options available. For specific locations within Greece (i.e. Crete and Patra), we have established transport routes using our own removal vehicles, and we can take much larger items ourselves, with few limits on size and weight. For the rest of Greece and the rest of the world we will work with individual specialist carriers to get the best rate for your shipment.

Individual quotes for these larger items will be provided to you on request.

Q: What about insurance?

A: Insurance is available at 2.0% of the value of the goods you are sending, plus IPT (this works out at 2.20% of the value of the goods including all taxes), with a minimum charge of £11.00.

Q: What about packing?

A: For newly-purchased items, the packing will often be sufficient for transport already. Occasionally some items do require extra packing before shipment, and we can do this for you (at a cost of £2.00 + VAT per cubic foot with a minimum charge of £4.00 + VAT). Nomad Shipping has a dedicated furniture removal arm and we have experienced packers on staff to do this for you. If you are packing the items yourself, please see our videos on export packing, for advice on how to pack fragile items into boxes (scroll down to the first 3 videos). Always use strong cardboard boxes (not plastic boxes), and make sure the cartons are completely filled (using packing materials to fill any gaps). As a general rule use at least 2 inches of packing material between the contents and the outer box, as well as packing in between the contents. If in doubt, use more packaging material rather than less. Finally, seal all the edges of the box using tape.

Q: I just want to send some goods from one address to another (not purchase them online) – how do I do this?

A: This is easy, just go to our parcel delivery page and enter the weights and dimensions of the items you are sending (once packed), then you will see the price and you can book and pay online! You will be sent a confirmation email with all of the details, plus the labels and the tracking information. Our partners will come to collect your items, and you can track them all the way to delivery.

Q: I'm moving home, can you help?

A: Yes of course. Nomad started as an international removal company and we are specialists in international removals to this day. Please see our moving page for full details and to get a quote, we would love to help.