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Protecting your belongings in transit

The Details

Insurance is charged at 2.24% of the value of the goods you are sending (including insurance premium tax (IPT)), with a minimum charge of £11.20 for consignments up to £500.00 in value.

Insurance is optional - you can select it on the summary screen prior at the last step prior to checking out, but you don’t have to take it. However, we do recommend taking out insurance if you are concerned about your goods in transit. If you do not take out insurance with us you can take out insurance from a different provider if you prefer of course.

If you do choose to take out insurance you will receive a valuation form which you must complete, listing all of the items you are sending, and their values.

If you choose to take insurance you must declare everything you are sending. The insurance company insists on this (they do not allow you to only insure certain items, it is all or nothing).

Please list their actual values at the date you are sending them, rather than their original purchase price, because the insurer will use their actual values in the event of a claim (if they are brand new then the purchase price and the actual value will be the same).

Please ensure the total on your valuation form matches the total valuation you listed when you placed your order, and then email the completed form back to us prior to your goods being collected.

You can also download the valuation form here, as well as the insurance prospectus which describes the optional insurance in further detail. Please see below. If you choose to take insurance you will receive an email with these documents too.

Note: The points above refer to the insurance procedure for our Nomad Parcels website, where we are sending parcels, small consignments, or online purchases to you via our partnership with UPS.

For household removals there are some slight differences – if we are conducting a traditional door-to-door removal for you, via our removal company Nomad International, please ask your removal coordinator about insurance for your removal. There are some added complexities with insurance for household removals (compared to parcel shipments and online shopping deliveries), so your Nomad International removal coordinator would be the best person to ask about insurance if you are moving home.

Insurance Prospectus

Overseas Valuation Form

Nomad International Terms & Conditions

UPS Terms & Conditions of Carriage