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About Us

About Nomad International

Innovative Solutions from Removals to Parcel Delivery

NOMAD (National Overseas Movers and Distributors) started as a removal company specialising in remote southern European destinations, especially Greece, the Greek islands and Italy, more than 10 years ago. We are the number one British removal company specialising in removals to and from Greece. We are trusted not only by the thousands of clients we have in Greece, Italy and beyond, but by much of the UK removal industry, who trust us to transport their clients' valued possessions to these countries.

In recent years we have developed a parcel service to specific locations within Greece, to help our customers to send smaller consignments (even single items) from the UK to Greece, and from Greece to the UK. We have also developed a cross-border “online shopping” service, where our Greece-based customers can buy online from UK retailers and suppliers, have the items delivered to our warehouse, and have Nomad transport the items to Greece. Similarly, Greece-based online sellers can sell their wares in the UK, using Nomad to transport the items to the UK and deliver them to their customers.

Nomad Parcels is the culmination of our experience in these two areas (parcel forwarding and cross-border online shopping), and our partnership with UPS, the largest and most trusted name in parcel distribution worldwide. Through this initiative we are able to provide our parcel delivery and online UK shopping services to the whole of Greece and Italy, using a combination of our own and UPS's superb logistics operations.