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Our services are temporarily paused while we await clear details from the UK government regarding the transport of parcel consignments post-Brexit. As soon as we have the new systems in place we will be back up and running.
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Cardboard boxes are cheaper to send than other items. If in doubt, put the item inside a cardboard box for a cheaper price
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What Can I Ship?

  • Parcel Parcels
  • Removals Removals
  • Book Books
  • Suitcase Suitcases
  • Bicycle Bicycles
  • Electronics Electronics
  • Electronics Shopping

Use Nomad For …


If you’re shopping online and the retailer doesn’t ship to Italy use Nomad Parcels!


If you’re in Italy and you want to ship to the UK, use Nomad Parcels!

Cars, motorbikes and other vehicles are no problem, and we can handle full loads, part loads or single items.


If you’ve bought something on eBay and the seller doesn’t ship to Italy, use Nomad Parcels!

If you’re moving home, our removal services are ideal – we are true specialists in removals to and from Italy.

Mail Send

Our parcel forwarding services are ideal for buying goods online and having them shipped to your home.

Mail Send

If you want to send multiple items, use Nomad Parcels for great prices.

Mail Send

Large items are no problem, send them with Nomad Parcels.

Book your parcel delivery today, it's easy!

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Some Happy Folks

Katerina Kastoumis-Thorne

"Excellent service. Delivered everything they promised. Unbelievably everything in one piece. Thank you so much. Highly recommended."

Alex Triantafyllou

"Excellent customer services and excellent planning. From the planning to the actual moving and tracking throughout the whole journey from the UK to Greece within the planned time and the delivery. Everything was just perfect."

Benny Asselberghs, Crete Greece

"One word: EXCELLENT. Thanks a lot for everything, I highly recommend your company. Perfect service (packing, transport, delivery) and all this for a very good price."

Shop Online in the UK for Delivery to Italy

Now you can also shop online in the UK and have your goods delivered to your home in Italy, even if the retailer doesn’t deliver to Italy! Take advantage of the amazing prices available in the UK, and the incredible range of products available in UK stores. Have the retailers deliver the goods to us (in your name at our address), and we will ship them to Italy for you! Cross-border shopping is our specialty.