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How to Track Your Shipment

When you make a booking you will receive a confirmation email that provides the details for you to track your shipments (you can enter the tracking details on this page), but below is a summary of how this works in each situation.

Parcel Deliveries (or Suitcases etc)

If you're sending something from one country to another (eg: UK to Greece), our partners at UPS will be conducting the transport through the entire journey (except for the specific cases of Crete* and Patra*, in Greece). You will receive a UPS tracking link as soon as you have booked, and you can use this to track your items the whole way through the journey.

"UK Shopping" Orders

If you’re ordering items online and using Nomad Parcels to send them to your home in Greece, Italy or elsewhere, the tracking is in two steps. From the point of ordering the items online until they reach our warehouse, you must use the tracking information provided by the retailer. Once the items arrive in our warehouse we will measure them for you, contact you to arrange payment and then send the items to you. From this point, you will be able to track the movement of your items from our warehouse to you by using the individual UPS tracking link that you receive.

* Special Case: Crete and Patra

If you are sending items to or from the specific locations of Crete or Patra, Greece, your items will be going in Nomad’s own trucks. We will contact you directly to let you know of the progress of these shipments. With Crete and Patra you have the choice to use UPS for the very first leg of the journey from your home to our warehouse (alternatively, this is the very last leg of the journey if you are sending items from Crete or Patra to the UK). If you choose to use UPS for this leg of the journey you will receive a UPS tracking link for this part of the journey only. For the rest of the journey we will contact you directly to keep you updated.